As a DIY expert, much of my knowledge and experience comes from my years working with some of the best builders in Manchester. I have worked for so many years as a builder in all aspects, and it has allowed me to gain a fresh perspective in DIY projects and as a builder. Thanks to all my experience and wisdom, I have been able to start my own companies in building, construction, painting, decorating, interior decoration and so much more. Many of these companies I have closed due to the financial success not matching the hours put in, and other times I have closed the companies because I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to. Now, it has come to the point I have been able to retire at the age of 40, which has really made me happy. Thanks to all this experience, I have wanted somewhere to share my thoughts rather than my knowledge, because I really enjoy it to this day.

I used to work as a builder at Manchester Builders and I have been able to cultivate all the information and experience that I have from some of the projects I have completed there. I have been able to take part in so many different conversion projects as my time as a builder, such as basement conversions, new build homes, home renovations and even commercial renovations and new commercial buildings. The amount of work that is available at Manchester daily means that most of us within the industry from labourers to foremen can find a job any time of the year. That is part of the reason I have loved the city of Manchester and stayed here for so long. When I was younger and in need of a job, I never lost faith when it came to find a job within the city.

One of the biggest jobs that I was fortunate enough to take part in was the renovation of Manchester City Centre. The city centre for many within the area is one of the favourite areas for people to hang out. Even before the centre had been renovated, there were still many that were enjoying the area. After the renovation had been completed and the city centre had been cleaned up a lot more than it was at first, everyone within the area started to flock around the city centre much more than before. The area suddenly became really populated, and the city centre had become the new hang out spot for younger people. The city centre also lacked many high-end stores, and for a while most of the centre had been closed. After the renovation, the whole city centre and how the people perceived It had changed, and I feel I had a part in that.

Although this project lacks the esteem or prestige other jobs would have, I had the opportunity to take part in the restoration of a large church in Manchester. This was such a delicate job because of how old the building was, and the age of not only the walls, but a lot of the furniture within the church itself. The stained glass was also impressive and enjoyable to work with. I had to make sure I was careful when it came to work the around the glass itself. The stained glass is hundreds of years old, and many times people rob the church because of the materials built into the foundations of the church and especially the stained glass itself. That is why we had to make sure we were as careful as possible during the whole restoration project. While it wasn’t the most prestigious of projects, it was the one that meant the most to me by the end of my career.

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