With my enjoyment of DIY, I have learnt a skill that isn’t necessarily associated with woodworking, but rather compliments woodworking and furniture creation. Working with materials and creating things like rugs, carpets and leather working can really compliment DIY projects and furniture creation. When creating new furniture such as a new wooden bed, being able to hand create or machine create new bedspreads, sheets or even pillow cases becomes a weird and helpful skill. While it is almost ridiculous to consider, you can get away with a lot of creative options that wouldn’t be available. For example, any colours that you would like your bed to sheets to be are even more possible when you are able to create the decorations yourself. The customisation options that are also available within the stitching of the fabrics allows even more creative options too, since you will be hard pressed to find somewhere that would customise your bed sheets or even pillows without making you pay a large sum in comparison to other, pre-made fabrics.

These are things that while are not useful as a life skill, would be very useful for the sake of decoration and aesthetics. I have enjoyed being able to flex more creative waves through fabrics that I am able to match with the furniture that I make. I find this to be a useful skill for the sake of home making, and I love being able to create what I feel is professional fabric decorations. I also think that as a skill it is practical when it comes to customising your house. If you would like to change your chair, sofa, table or even carpeting, you are able to do so while creating any style that you would like with any pattern that you would like.

Being able to work with fabrics and materials is also useful for the sake of home making. Even though I prefer the use of blinds rather than curtains, I have been able to create curtains in the past for additional decoration around my home. I used fake white fur to create a large set of curtains in my living room to allow a bit more natural colour to come into the room. I also wanted it to match my front room, which is a mixture of rustic wood and white furniture decorations. The blinds that I have are large, white blinds so the curtain itself does not look out of place and feels like I have a bit more privacy and comfort when it’s night time. Don’t ask me why, I just do!

Finally, working with fabric can be useful if you decide you want to create your own business in DIY. You can create customised sheets or anything that really requires fabric, and you can charge a surplus for it. There will always be people that would pay a premium for a personalised piece of furniture. You would also have a lot of fun creating these fabrics and decorations for customers, and the ability and skill that comes with creating your own sheets and fabrics is enjoyable itself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed todays blog post! I’ll still be posting many more in the future, and I hope you get a chance to read some more in the future! If you haven’t been able to, please make sure to read some of the previous blogs that I have created.