As someone who really enjoys working with furniture and homes always, I have built an infinity to creating anything for homes that I may be able to use. Even though I have primarily been a wood worker when creating new furniture for my home, I find these skills to be transferable when it comes to other skills within DIY and home design. One of the most useful skills I have found that matched very well with woodworking is general carpentry of the home. There are many different items and things within the home that can be worked on to create a better environment around the home, and a carpenter who knows how to create wood worked items can really take advantage of those skills.

I love to work around my home to make different changes to the furniture around my home. I have many wooden decorations inside my home that I think brightens up the room. When it comes to being creative with new or existing furniture, the key is to not change too much. It is very easy to change the look of an entire cabinet or table with the simplest of cuts or even sanding. Very fine detail goes into the creation of all types of furniture, and that is why I try to ensure that all work that I undertake is on furniture that I have created myself. I often become fickle with my home in multiple ways because I enjoy a fresh look, and I enjoy the experimentation with furniture.

One of my personal favourite pieces of furniture that I enjoy changing are standing cabinets that house all types of items. I am not fond of a specific type of cabinet that only houses plates or tea plates and the like. I enjoy all types of cabinets that can hold anything of a certain size. There are so many different things that you could do with a wooden standing cabinet too. From changing the overall design to the carvings on the door and sides of the cabinet itself. With the amount of creativity that is available with these cabinets, it is hard to not invest some time and energy into creating new cabinets or changing existing ones.

Another great piece of furniture that is very open to customisation after creation is a table. As strange as it may sound, there is a lot of potential designs and creativity that is available with tables. You can design tables in a variety of ways thanks to the amount of wood that is required to make them in the first place. They can be of any width and any thickness, and even of any height up to a certain point. The amount of customisation that is available for anyone that is skilled with carpentry or woodworking is astounding, and I enjoy finding new, creative and innovative ideas.

I hope some of you enjoyed reading this blog today. There are so many interesting things you can do to customise current furniture of all kinds, that it is a skill all who are skilled or interested in DIY need to learn. As a kind reminder, please check out some of my previous blogs about carpentry and DIY. I really enjoy being able to share my voice with these things, and it is always good to have someone to listen so please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you can. Otherwise, check out these posts!

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