As a builder employed within the Manchester area, one of my hobbies are DIY works. This includes everything from painting and decorating to the creation of furniture. At times in the past, I have even enjoyed putting my home through the process of multiple conversions such as a basement conversion and a loft conversion in the past. I wanted to create a blog that would allow me to just talk about some of the stories of my DIY works, whether they are large or small. I have completed many different DIY projects of all sizes, and I have always wanted a blog to be able to describe some of these projects. I have been doing this for about 25 years, and it is both a hobby and a career for me as a full-time builder who also apprenticed in carpentry and joinery.

I first came to realise my love of DIY projects when I became a full-time builder in Manchester. Although I worked within the industry for a few years, it takes some time for builders to finally take responsibility on the work sites. Since there are so many different professions and specialities within the building and construction industry that you are usually tied within the same task throughout the years. But if you have been exposed to different building sites and projects throughout the years you can sometimes pick off knowledge and skills from each profession. As a trained carpenter, it may have been slightly easier for me to pick off the knowledge since I have been able to experience some of these projects in the past.

I have really enjoyed being able to put my passion into projects that are just for myself. Considering I am using most of these projects for my enjoyment such as the furniture that I create of the conversions that I am completing, I can find genuine use and enjoyment out of them that will last a lifetime.  I can create furniture that – if I decide to move homes within the future – I can take with me. I could even leave the furniture where they are and create more if I need to. Another thing that I have been considering is the option to sell furniture that I create on the internet, although this may be slightly more difficult in the future depending on the cost of postage and packaging if necessary.

The conversions also mean that if I ever do sell my home, I would instantly be able to make a profit within the sale of the home because of the additional rooms that the conversions create. Since both the loft conversion and the basement conversion within my home has created a total of 5 additional rooms, there is a significant increase within the value of the home. Personally, I have felt that if I ever decide to sell my home and retire, I could even start a business of buying homes, converting the lofts and basements within the home into additional rooms to sell within the future. This is something I have been considering, but it would take a lot of time and a very large budget if I could ever find the ability to do so.

Finally, another thing that I really enjoy doing during DIY projects is creating a makeover within rooms in the home. I like the process of repainting rooms within the home to give the room a completely different look. I like the ability to be able to change the outlook of the room, and with the ability to create new furniture to match the makeovers, it allows me to create a whole new style and look within any room in my home. DIY projects have become something that I am really passionate about, and considering I have been doing this so many times in Manchester throughout the years, I can’t wait to continue this passion both in my own home and within my career.

If you get the chance, I have released many more blog posts since so please take a look!