Working as a builder in Manchester

As a DIY expert, much of my knowledge and experience comes from my years working with some of the best builders in Manchester. I have worked for so many years as a builder in all aspects, and it has allowed me to gain a fresh perspective in DIY projects and as a builder. Thanks to all my experience and wisdom, I have been able to start my own companies in building, construction, painting, decorating, interior decoration and so much more. Many of these companies I have closed due to the financial success not matching the hours put in, and other times I have closed the companies because I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to. Now, it has come to the point I have been able to retire at the age of 40, which has really made me happy. Thanks to all this experience, I have wanted somewhere to share my thoughts rather than my knowledge, because I really enjoy it to this day.

I used to work as a builder at Manchester Builders and I have been able to cultivate all the information and experience that I have from some of the projects I have completed there. I have been able to take part in so many different conversion projects as my time as a builder, such as basement conversions, new build homes, home renovations and even commercial renovations and new commercial buildings. The amount of work that is available at Manchester daily means that most of us within the industry from labourers to foremen can find a job any time of the year. That is part of the reason I have loved the city of Manchester and stayed here for so long. When I was younger and in need of a job, I never lost faith when it came to find a job within the city.

One of the biggest jobs that I was fortunate enough to take part in was the renovation of Manchester City Centre. The city centre for many within the area is one of the favourite areas for people to hang out. Even before the centre had been renovated, there were still many that were enjoying the area. After the renovation had been completed and the city centre had been cleaned up a lot more than it was at first, everyone within the area started to flock around the city centre much more than before. The area suddenly became really populated, and the city centre had become the new hang out spot for younger people. The city centre also lacked many high-end stores, and for a while most of the centre had been closed. After the renovation, the whole city centre and how the people perceived It had changed, and I feel I had a part in that.

Although this project lacks the esteem or prestige other jobs would have, I had the opportunity to take part in the restoration of a large church in Manchester. This was such a delicate job because of how old the building was, and the age of not only the walls, but a lot of the furniture within the church itself. The stained glass was also impressive and enjoyable to work with. I had to make sure I was careful when it came to work the around the glass itself. The stained glass is hundreds of years old, and many times people rob the church because of the materials built into the foundations of the church and especially the stained glass itself. That is why we had to make sure we were as careful as possible during the whole restoration project. While it wasn’t the most prestigious of projects, it was the one that meant the most to me by the end of my career.

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Knitting and rugs!

With my enjoyment of DIY, I have learnt a skill that isn’t necessarily associated with woodworking, but rather compliments woodworking and furniture creation. Working with materials and creating things like rugs, carpets and leather working can really compliment DIY projects and furniture creation. When creating new furniture such as a new wooden bed, being able to hand create or machine create new bedspreads, sheets or even pillow cases becomes a weird and helpful skill. While it is almost ridiculous to consider, you can get away with a lot of creative options that wouldn’t be available. For example, any colours that you would like your bed to sheets to be are even more possible when you are able to create the decorations yourself. The customisation options that are also available within the stitching of the fabrics allows even more creative options too, since you will be hard pressed to find somewhere that would customise your bed sheets or even pillows without making you pay a large sum in comparison to other, pre-made fabrics.

These are things that while are not useful as a life skill, would be very useful for the sake of decoration and aesthetics. I have enjoyed being able to flex more creative waves through fabrics that I am able to match with the furniture that I make. I find this to be a useful skill for the sake of home making, and I love being able to create what I feel is professional fabric decorations. I also think that as a skill it is practical when it comes to customising your house. If you would like to change your chair, sofa, table or even carpeting, you are able to do so while creating any style that you would like with any pattern that you would like.

Being able to work with fabrics and materials is also useful for the sake of home making. Even though I prefer the use of blinds rather than curtains, I have been able to create curtains in the past for additional decoration around my home. I used fake white fur to create a large set of curtains in my living room to allow a bit more natural colour to come into the room. I also wanted it to match my front room, which is a mixture of rustic wood and white furniture decorations. The blinds that I have are large, white blinds so the curtain itself does not look out of place and feels like I have a bit more privacy and comfort when it’s night time. Don’t ask me why, I just do!

Finally, working with fabric can be useful if you decide you want to create your own business in DIY. You can create customised sheets or anything that really requires fabric, and you can charge a surplus for it. There will always be people that would pay a premium for a personalised piece of furniture. You would also have a lot of fun creating these fabrics and decorations for customers, and the ability and skill that comes with creating your own sheets and fabrics is enjoyable itself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed todays blog post! I’ll still be posting many more in the future, and I hope you get a chance to read some more in the future! If you haven’t been able to, please make sure to read some of the previous blogs that I have created.

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Customising existing furniture

As someone who really enjoys working with furniture and homes always, I have built an infinity to creating anything for homes that I may be able to use. Even though I have primarily been a wood worker when creating new furniture for my home, I find these skills to be transferable when it comes to other skills within DIY and home design. One of the most useful skills I have found that matched very well with woodworking is general carpentry of the home. There are many different items and things within the home that can be worked on to create a better environment around the home, and a carpenter who knows how to create wood worked items can really take advantage of those skills.

I love to work around my home to make different changes to the furniture around my home. I have many wooden decorations inside my home that I think brightens up the room. When it comes to being creative with new or existing furniture, the key is to not change too much. It is very easy to change the look of an entire cabinet or table with the simplest of cuts or even sanding. Very fine detail goes into the creation of all types of furniture, and that is why I try to ensure that all work that I undertake is on furniture that I have created myself. I often become fickle with my home in multiple ways because I enjoy a fresh look, and I enjoy the experimentation with furniture.

One of my personal favourite pieces of furniture that I enjoy changing are standing cabinets that house all types of items. I am not fond of a specific type of cabinet that only houses plates or tea plates and the like. I enjoy all types of cabinets that can hold anything of a certain size. There are so many different things that you could do with a wooden standing cabinet too. From changing the overall design to the carvings on the door and sides of the cabinet itself. With the amount of creativity that is available with these cabinets, it is hard to not invest some time and energy into creating new cabinets or changing existing ones.

Another great piece of furniture that is very open to customisation after creation is a table. As strange as it may sound, there is a lot of potential designs and creativity that is available with tables. You can design tables in a variety of ways thanks to the amount of wood that is required to make them in the first place. They can be of any width and any thickness, and even of any height up to a certain point. The amount of customisation that is available for anyone that is skilled with carpentry or woodworking is astounding, and I enjoy finding new, creative and innovative ideas.

I hope some of you enjoyed reading this blog today. There are so many interesting things you can do to customise current furniture of all kinds, that it is a skill all who are skilled or interested in DIY need to learn. As a kind reminder, please check out some of my previous blogs about carpentry and DIY. I really enjoy being able to share my voice with these things, and it is always good to have someone to listen so please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you can. Otherwise, check out these posts!

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Handmade Wooden Bed

One of my favourite DIY projects that I regularly partake in is creating my own furniture. One of the favourite things that I enjoy working on is wooden furniture that I can create myself. The first piece of furniture within my home that I created for myself was a bed. I purchased the lumber and after I had picked out the materials that I wanted to design the bed in, I decided to start the planning of the construction itself. Creating furniture by hand may sound like it is relatively easy to do for some, but there is a lot of work that goes into it from start to finish.

The first important aspect of creating any piece of furniture is knowing how you would like it to look. So, while you are picking out materials, if you want to keep some of the wood exposed for design purposes, then it is important to make sure that the timber you would like is suitable for you. There are many different types of wood such as oak, pine, etc. This makes it important to make sure that you like the way the wood looks, especially if you decide to go with a polish finish. The polish can make each type of wood look very different from the original version than before. Once you have picked out the timber that you would like to use, it is important to pick out fabrics and materials that would match the colours of the timber. Otherwise, this could lead to a colour clash that could make the overall furniture that you create look worse than it would if the colours matched.

After you have picked the colours and materials that you would like, it is important to make sure you plan the construction of the furniture itself. The creation of the furniture is not as easy as you may first believe. If you do not purchase a surplus of materials that would be necessary if any mistakes may occur, it is important to ensure that each part of the process is completed delicately and accurately. From the sanding and crafting of each individual piece to the combining of pieces together, it is important that you place a lot of care into the construction itself.

After you have planned the construction of the furniture, it is time to put the furniture together. Following the construction plan that you have created, make sure you follow each section individually in plan to ensure that there is no damage to the furniture during the creation process. A fault or a mistake during the construction phase of the furniture could result in a structurally weak piece of furniture that may break over time or look uneven.

Once the furniture is put together, it is time to complete the design by placing the fabrics upon the furniture itself. Depending on the design that you decided to go for and the materials that you would like to add, this could be the most difficult job. You need to make sure that none of the fabrics are ripped upon installation, but you also need to make sure all the materials are added correctly to ensure that there are few issues with the overall end design.

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DIY projects in Manchester!

As a builder employed within the Manchester area, one of my hobbies are DIY works. This includes everything from painting and decorating to the creation of furniture. At times in the past, I have even enjoyed putting my home through the process of multiple conversions such as a basement conversion and a loft conversion in the past. I wanted to create a blog that would allow me to just talk about some of the stories of my DIY works, whether they are large or small. I have completed many different DIY projects of all sizes, and I have always wanted a blog to be able to describe some of these projects. I have been doing this for about 25 years, and it is both a hobby and a career for me as a full-time builder who also apprenticed in carpentry and joinery.

I first came to realise my love of DIY projects when I became a full-time builder in Manchester. Although I worked within the industry for a few years, it takes some time for builders to finally take responsibility on the work sites. Since there are so many different professions and specialities within the building and construction industry that you are usually tied within the same task throughout the years. But if you have been exposed to different building sites and projects throughout the years you can sometimes pick off knowledge and skills from each profession. As a trained carpenter, it may have been slightly easier for me to pick off the knowledge since I have been able to experience some of these projects in the past.

I have really enjoyed being able to put my passion into projects that are just for myself. Considering I am using most of these projects for my enjoyment such as the furniture that I create of the conversions that I am completing, I can find genuine use and enjoyment out of them that will last a lifetime.  I can create furniture that – if I decide to move homes within the future – I can take with me. I could even leave the furniture where they are and create more if I need to. Another thing that I have been considering is the option to sell furniture that I create on the internet, although this may be slightly more difficult in the future depending on the cost of postage and packaging if necessary.

The conversions also mean that if I ever do sell my home, I would instantly be able to make a profit within the sale of the home because of the additional rooms that the conversions create. Since both the loft conversion and the basement conversion within my home has created a total of 5 additional rooms, there is a significant increase within the value of the home. Personally, I have felt that if I ever decide to sell my home and retire, I could even start a business of buying homes, converting the lofts and basements within the home into additional rooms to sell within the future. This is something I have been considering, but it would take a lot of time and a very large budget if I could ever find the ability to do so.

Finally, another thing that I really enjoy doing during DIY projects is creating a makeover within rooms in the home. I like the process of repainting rooms within the home to give the room a completely different look. I like the ability to be able to change the outlook of the room, and with the ability to create new furniture to match the makeovers, it allows me to create a whole new style and look within any room in my home. DIY projects have become something that I am really passionate about, and considering I have been doing this so many times in Manchester throughout the years, I can’t wait to continue this passion both in my own home and within my career.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m hoping to update this regularly with some details on my hobbies, so stay tuned! If you want to get in touch with me, click here!

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